Re: Question: Fuel Dumping

Date:         01 Jan 97 20:59:23 
From: (Gary Moffitt)
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> Hi,
> I had a number of questions concerning fuel dumping:
> 1. What are the regulations on when and where fuel can be dumped ?

I thumbed through my copy of the FAR's and didn't see anything on fuel
dumping operationally speaking (there is of course a section in part 25 on
fuel jettison system requirements). This would lead me to assume that in
an emergency situation anything goes and in a non-emergency each carrier
has its own guidelines. From my experience around ORD I know that planes
usually tried to make it to an area over Lake Michigan to dump fuel.

> 2. Does the fuel vaporise before reaching the ground ?

In those cases where an aircraft didn't make it to Lake Michigan we never
recieved a report of fuel hitting the ground.

> 3. What would be a typical quantity of fuel that may be jettisoned ?

It could be several thousand pounds. On some aircraft the takeoff wieght
is greater than the landing weight so a problem requiring that the
aircraft return to the field necessitates that the extra fuel be burned or
dumped. Most airlines would rather burn it but in an emergency there may
be no choice but to dump.  Fuel dumping may also be required to maintain
rate of climb in an engine out situation.

Gary S. Moffitt