Re: Korean Air 801 crashed on approach

Date:         29 Aug 97 08:10:42 
From: (McLELLAN Alexander, DED/1)
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The ICAO Journal, March 1997 is devoted to Safety Near terrain.

Here are some data on GPWS activation, from a table in one of the articles.
Data were supplied by BA, and cover Sept 1991 to Sept. 1992. The article was
written by a BA training Captain, John Savage.

     Number of warnings:           301
     Number of times crew
     responded with go-around:          121 (40%)
     Number of genuine warnings:   39 (13% of total warnings)
     Number of times a genuine
     warning resulted in a go-around:   31 (81%rate of response)

At that time the BA rule was
     "In the event of a GPWS pull-up warning, action must be taken
     immediately and simultaneously to rotate the aircraft and apply
     go-around thrust"

So, in what is acknowledged to be one of the worlds safest airlines, about 1
in 5 genuine GPWS warnings were ignored, despite strict, unequivocal
instructions not to ignore ANY GPWS warnings.

It is to BA's credit that their safety system is capable of identifying
these problems, analysing them, and taking corrective action. The rules have
now changed to those quoted by Vance Burton.


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