Re: Rear-facing seats

Date:         13 Jan 97 18:35:31 
From:         Andrew Weir <100637.616@CompuServe.COM>
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Arch McKinlay wrote, interestingly among other things, the following:

>rear-facing seats:
>some trains and some camping vans have them. US Navy cargo planes use them
>off aircraft carriers fro obvious reasons (I watched a colorful
>off-the-cat ditch of a C-2 where it immediately flipped over, the rear
>doors blew open and the crew chief popped out within seconds and he began
>then yanking passengers out by their collars. They all got out with nary a
>neck injury.)  I've loved them ever since. Only Southwest airlines 737
>have rear facers nowadays.

The RAF has rear-facers on its VC-10s, although not on its  L1011s, I
think because they bought them second-hand and didn't want to spend the
money turning the seats around. Early Tridents, I believe, had some because
they had some seat-rows facing each other. Does anybody know of any other
civilian airlines apart from Southwest with rear-facing seats in commercial
jets, or plans, yet to be fulfilled or abandoned, to install them? And
how come Southwest has them?