Re: Korean Air 801 crashed on approach to Guam

Date:         29 Aug 97 00:53:45 
From: (Dave White)
Organization: EarthLink Network, Inc.
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  or MIME structure (Chris Wilcox) wrote:

>I suspect this guy didn't go below mins--at least not knowingly.
>There's just no reason.  I suspect they didn't reset the altimeter.
>The radar altimeter may have squawked once or twice, if they even set
>it (who knows), but I know for sure that the "PULL UP!  TERRAIN!"
>announcements would have been soundly ignored on "short" final as they
>are part of every landing.

>And to think of the "peace of mind" that GPWS gives the flying

WRONG--anyone with any experience with GPWS knows that a properly
flown approach will generate NO GPWS warnings, particularly not a
"PULL UP! TERRAIN!" warning, which is not part of the system.  GPWS
looks for several things:  1) Excessive rate of descent below a
specified altitude.  2) Excessive rate of closure with terrain below
another specified altitude.  3)  Incorrect flap/gear configuration at
low altitude.  4)  Descents on takeoff or go-around before reaching a
specific altitude.  NO warnings are generated during a properly
configured approach using normal stable approach parameters.  And yes,
GPWS is a major safety contributor.
A superior pilot uses his superior judgement to avoid using his superior