Re: Korean Air 801 crashed on approach to Guam

Date:         29 Aug 97 00:53:45 
From:         Naomichi Nishizawa <>
Organization: The University of Melbourne
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k_ish wrote:

> The glide slope had been out of service for a month, and hundreds of
> aircraft landed uneventfully.  In some footage, you can see a flat,
> circular dirt area with a white antenna in the center.  This is the
> middle marker beacon!  Just wild speculation on my part; possibly the
> pilot confused the middle marker for the inner marker...a profound
> blunder if this is what happened.  The altitude over the middle marker
> at Guam is 2100 feet according to a commercial pilot friend.

I remember the plane crashed about 3nm from runway end. Wasn't it UNZ
VOR? Middle marker is usually much closer to the threshold.
Actually, if you are on GS for Guam 6L ILS, you'll reach DA over MM.
I think IM is not necessary for CAT I ILS.

There may be a possibility, of misunderstanding the position of UNZ,
may be critical especially you're using DME function. But still can't
understand 'cause they should have equipped GPWS. Or was it too late
even having that thing? And they of course got radio altimeter.

Curious to know what CVR has got.

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