Re: Korean Air 801 crashed on approach to Guam

Date:         29 Aug 97 00:53:45 
From:         "J.Mitard" <>
Organization: none
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> Obviously, KAL801 violated that rule.

	Very easy to say when you're on the ground...

> but I know for sure that the "PULL UP!  TERRAIN!"

	To be precise: "Whoop Whoop Pull Up!" or "Too low Terrain!"

> announcements would have been soundly ignored on "short" final as they
> are part of every landing.

	Have you ever flown on aircraft equiped with a GPWS????????
	If you did and if you have considere that GPWS alarm are "part of every
landing" remeber that: It's better to be an old pilot than to have been
a good one......I've flown since 1993 on B737-200,300,400,500
aproximatly 800 hours each year and I heard my GPWS twice during 3000
hours flying on those aircrafts. Believe me Those alarms are not part of
every landing!!!!