Re: Korean Air 801 crashed on approach to Guam

Date:         29 Aug 97 00:53:44 
From:         Vance F Burton <>
Organization: Sub-Aqua Association, Chairman, 01273 330094
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In article <5snr3f$cp4$>, Chris Wilcox

> I suspect this guy didn't go below mins--at least not knowingly.
> There's just no reason.  I suspect they didn't reset the altimeter.
> The radar altimeter may have squawked once or twice, if they even set
> it (who knows), but I know for sure that the "PULL UP!  TERRAIN!"
> announcements would have been soundly ignored on "short" final as they
> are part of every landing.

Yes to part (A) - I think the altimeter set to QNH while they descended to
QFE heights is a possibility - anyone know what setting KAL lands on

Bu no to part (B) - if they were in landing config (gear down and flaps 25 or
30) and didn't exceed about 1000fpm sink rate they would have had NO GPWS
alert as all would have seemed normal to the systems. The only time GPWS can
give you a warning for a "normal landing" short of the field is on a full ILS
when it would give a "GLIDESLOPE! GLIDESLOPE!" On any and every non-precision
approach, it only saves you from an unsafe configuration or an excessive
terrain closure rate.

It NEVER EVER goes off in normal ops. Indeed, a "WHOOP WHOOP PULL UP!"
mandates a go around at any time below dominant MSA in my airline - at Agana,
that would be below 2600'

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