Re: Korean Air 801 crashed on approach to Guam

Date:         29 Aug 97 00:53:43 
From:         Bill Wright <>
Organization: ESInet - Charlottesville, VA
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I am waiting for someone to comment on the fact that the "GS out"
approach to RWY 6L at Guam requires the use of two separate NAV
facilities (UNZ VOR & IGUM ILS).

This would mean that alignment info would be received from one nav
facility and MDA distance info from the DME of a different nav facility
and they are not collocated.  As it turns out the distances designated
in the approach plate are both west and east of the VOR, but, of course
all are west of RWY 6L.

I have used VOR DME's as a substitute for the required IAP for a full
ILS approach but for descent info for a GS out approach the ILS DME
would be used.

It will be very interesting to hear how the navigation receivers were
set up and how the monitoring/cross checking was carried out.

When normal, straight forward procedures are melded together to somehow
"legally" find a way to start an approach to the lowest approved
minimums, a tired pilot can make a big mistake!!!

Bill Wright, Capt., UAL, Retired