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Date:         13 Jan 97 18:35:31 
From:         Seth Dillon <>
Organization: Zip News
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Brian A. Reynolds wrote:

> Counterfeit parts is a real and present danger which the FAA and other
> Regulatory Agencies are working to stop.

You must remember that there are several types of "bogus" parts.

1) Parts manufactured by a subcontractor to an OEM (Boeing, McD, etc.)and
sold directly to a customer with out direct ship authority from the OEM
or without a FAA-PMA are bogus.

2) Parts manufactured for the military are bogus

3) Parts received from a FAA-PMA manufacturer or OEM without the proper
certs are bogus.

All of the above are illegal to install on a 121 aircraft, even though
they may be perfectly airworthy.  The following are parts which pose a
true and immediate threat to air safety.

4) Parts which have exceeded their life limit but have been refurbished
and have reentered the system accompanied with forged certs.

5) Parts which are made from substandard material, or otherwise do not
meet the design specs of the original but are fraudulantly marked and
have forged certs.

In the past the FAA has held the person installing the parts accountable
for any bogus parts installed.  The airlines have had to establish
extensive receiving inspection organizations at great cost to act as gate
keepers and prevent bogus parts from entering the system.  It is a
difficult task when dealing only with new OEM parts, it is almost
impossible when one needs to purchase a part from a surplus vendor.  The
carrier which I work for is extreamly careful about which vendors it
chooses to deal with and will only approve a vendor after a thorough on
site audit of that vendors own quality systems.  It remains an
unfortuneate reality that the civil penalties faced by a parts broker are
minimul compared to the profit potential of dealing in bogus parts.