Re: Korean Air 801 crashed on approach to Guam

Date:         29 Aug 97 00:53:42 
From: (Daniel G. Sharpes)
Organization: St. Elizabeth Hospital, Youngstown, OH
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In a previous article, (David Lesher) says:
>Someone will have the approach plate for that field and can
>tell us what the minimums are with and without the glideslope.

The plate is available at

The initial approach altitude is 2,600 ft MSL (2,344 ft AGL) with a
descent to 2,000 ft MSL (1,744 ft AGL) after passing 7.0 miles from
the UNZ VOR.  Stay at 2,000 ft until either intercepting the glide
slope (which was inop) or over the GUQQY outer marker (1.7 miles
from UNZ).  At GUQQY, descend to 1,440 ft MSL (1,184 ft AGL) until
passing UNZ, then descend to the Minimum Decision Altitude of 560 ft
MSL (304 ft AGL).  MDA for the ILS is 456 ft (200 ft).

Two towers are shown along the approach path.  The first is close to
GUQQY and has a height of 1,190 ft and the second is just north of
the VOR and has a height of 724 ft.