Re: Propellor "reverse thrust"

Date:         29 Aug 97 00:53:41 
From: (Brian E Clough)
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>On the subject of reverse thrust, I took a flight on a Manx Airlines
>Shorts 330 a few years back. When the plane landed, a big roar went up
>and the plane slowed dramatically. Do prop planes such as this deploy
>reverse thrust by somehow altering the pitch of the propellor blades to
>the extent they "blow" air forward? Or is something else taking place?

You got it.  I remember once when a C-130 had rolled over its own intercom
cord.  I was marshalling, and I signaled the pilot to back the plane up.
Th reversed thrust and elmost blew me accross the taxiway.  Most modern
turboprop engines run at a constant RPM at all times.  Power changes are
affected solely by prop pitch changes.

BTW we did get the cord out from under the nose gear.

Brian E Clough

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