AC DC-8 Crash (was Re: HS Trident/More wierdness)

Date:         29 Aug 97 00:53:40 
From:         Chris Elberfeld <>
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Peter & James Liddell wrote:
>         The AC aircraft did not crash because of premature thrust
> reverser deployment. Here's what happend:
>         The DC-8-50, comming infrom Calgary, was on final to
> Toronto, at about fifty feet the flaps are supposed to be
> <SNIP>

Actually, it was a DC-8-63 (CF-TIW), operating AC 621 YUL-YYZ-LAX.
This accident occurred on 5 July, 1970, and all 109 people on board
perished. (Source: "Aviation Disasters" by David Gero) The rest of
your info is right on the money.

The FAA's initial soultion was to mandate warning placards against
in flight spoiler deployement (One critic said that a "DO NOT CRASH
THIS AIRCRAFT" placard would be just as effective). After other
(nonfatal) mishaps (Alitalia and Icelandic, I think) caused by
premature spoiler deployment, the FAA required a lockout device.