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Date:         28 Aug 97 22:33:34 
From:         Bob Mann <>
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Ken Jongsma wrote:

> "M. Yan Chin" <> wrote:
> >Is there a technical reason why all airliners seem to have the same
> >small windows?  Larger ones seem like such an obvious thing to do to
> >enhance passenger comfort.
> Along the same lines, why are the windows set so low in the fuselage?
> I am 6' and find that the top of the window is about shoulder high,
> making it very hard to look out without sliding down in the seat!
> Ken

"Transparencies" (windows) are multi-layer glass and acrylic units and
quite a bit heavier than an aluminum fuselage "plug".  Bigger holes in
the fuselage (bigger windows) would require heavier structure in the
window-surround area to ensure failsafe damage tolerance.  For this
reason, purpose-built freighters are actually lighter, as they carry
less structure, due to no windows.

As far as the elevation of the window belt-line goes, it's based on
structural considerations and sited around 50th percentile passenger
ergonomics -- well below 6' "average" heights.

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