767 Tail-Bang on lift-off

Date:         13 Jan 97 18:35:31 
From:         Mike Hall <mike.hall@gecm.com>
Organization: Organization?
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I wonder if anyone can enlighten me?

Last Sunday we took AA136 (supposedly) LAX-LHR; the 'plane was a 767-300.
When the pilot rotated the tail of the plane hit the runway; result was 2
hours going in circles dumping fuel and an (eventual) re-route via JFK as
the crew had exceeded their hours - 19 hours in total....

Some questions:

1 Is such an event a common occurence? Who is likely to be to blame - I
can only thnk of pilot error or shifting cargo.

2 If it was pilot error, what will happen?

3 Why do US airports not have transit lounges? We were marched off one
plane to the replacement in groups of 10 (almost under armed guard) and
forced to sit in it for almost 3 hours while fuel was unloaded and food
and drink loaded.

Thanks for any info