Re: Reverse Thrust in Air (was Trident/More Weirdness))

Date:         28 Aug 97 15:40:36 
From:         John van Veen <>
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  or MIME structure (David Lesher) wrote:
>In smaller beasts, an ex-US Customs pilot told me of doing short
>field approaches in their King* Air. Basically, cross the threshold
>low and dirty, put both sides in reverse pitch and LAND, period.

That is hard to imagine!  If one side failed to reverse you would be in
a world of hurt.

I have seen many short field take offs and landings.  Most of the pilots
sort of flew the plane onto the ground and then reversed the props with
max brakes. You want to get solid contact with the ground to get the
maximum benifit of your brakes in such a landing.

These were mostly C-130's BTW.  And one did have a prop fail to reverse
one day.  Off the runway and into the sand.  No one was hurt but the
plane became spare parts.