Re: Q: Smoking on flight deck

Date:         28 Aug 97 15:40:36 
From:         "Peter Mchugh"<>
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>Herb and M's hypothetical letter-writer could be given
>permission to ride on the flightdeck under condition (4),
>but it would require not just the airline's but also the
>FAA's ("the administrator") approval (as well as the pilot).

Herb would (probably) have little trouble getting the appropriate
approval...and that could come from the POI who could sign "for" the

Not too difficult (IMHO) to understand the rationale for the CEO
needing occasional access, and benefiting from exposure to the flight

On the other hand, I am aware of FAA action against a CEO (US Carrier)
who rode the flight deck with his son on an international flight
returning to the the advance approval is an important step.