Re: Boeing launches 767-400ERX

Date:         13 Jan 97 18:35:31 
From: (matt weber)
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In article <5as5pj$>, says...
>Boeing announced today (6 January 1997) that the Boeing Board of Directors
>has authorized Boeing Commercial Airplane Group to offer the 767-400ERX
>for sale. Tentative delivery date is 2000.

The following information on the 767-400ERX is from the 6 January 1997 edition
of Aviation Week and Space technology
             767-400ERX             767-300ER
wingspan      179ft                  156 feet (6 foot tip extension and 8 foot
                                               winglet added on each side for
Total length  201ft                  180ft     (132 inch fore plug in fuselage
                                                121 inch aft plug)
Tail height   55 ft                   52ft     (same tail, but landing gear is
                                                3 feet longer)
width         16.5ft                  same
typical pax   245 (3 class)           218 (3 class)
              303 (2 class)           269 (2 class)
Cargo volume  4905 cf                 4030 cf

Engines       CF6-80C2/RB211-524G/H or PW 4000  (same)
Fuel capacity 24140 gal               same (abput 90000 liters)
Range          6500sm/10400km         7050sm/11300km
MGTOW         440,000lbs/200000kg     412000/187,000kg

Typical field length requirements at MGTOW goes up about 2000 feet,
worst case is about 11,500, which suggests in high/hot conditions
there is likely to be significant payload penalty.

The 767-400ERX is claimed to offer comparable capacity to the A330-200 with a
directoperating cost about 5% lower.

In addition the the aircraft is being fitted with uprated Air Conditioning and
APU,and in increase in onboard power generation to 120KVA from 90 KVA (I would
assume from VSCF alternators).