737-900 (was Re: Aer Lingus signs for A321s)

Date:         28 Aug 97 15:40:36 
From:         Marc Schaeffer <marcmsc@geocities.com>
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Karl Swartz wrote:

> >The -900 was approved by Boeing directors in June ...
> By "approved" I assume you mean that the board authorized the Boeing
> sales force to present the proposal to customers, though I can find
> nothing to support even that.
> >According to Boeing, if advance sales go well, the -900 could be launched
> >before the end of the year and be ready for delivery in about two years.
> Right, the 737-900 has NOT been approved in the usual sense of
> launching the production of it.

Karl, the lines I put in the above thread are mainly extracted from a
Seattle Times article published last Sunday. It may be found on their
website in the technology section. I was the first one to be surprised
by reading that the -900 was approved by the Boeing directors.

- Either it is another times : $%#% news media!
- or the Seattle Times is (once more) better informed than all of us.

More seriously I think that as you stated the -900 project can be
presented to potential customers. One of the first customers should be
BA to replace the 757 on short european flights, just to save landing
fees ...

My $.02
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