Re: Airliner Routing

Date:         28 Aug 97 02:30:46 
From: (R. Morris)
Organization: Erol's Internet Services
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> #1      Is there a site(s) on the WWW where I could determine the
> following...
> What is the flight info on any commercial flight passing over a given
> point at a specific time ??  Is there some repository of info on the
> normal time dependent "routes" of airliners ??  (And yes, I recognize
> that there are flight "delays", but I am really interested in the
> "reasonably" accurate "scheduled" times.)

There used to be an FAA site where you could track any flight on a map, but
it seems to have been taken down permanently.

If you have the airline and flight number, you can get current data on most
flights from:

> For example:  What ground "site" would be in control of these flights in
> the York, PA are ?  Where do those flights originate ?  Where are they
> going ?  What are the airline/flight number designations ?  What
> "air-to-ground" radio frequencies would they be using ?  Etc. ?  Is
> there any other available info ??

If they are that high up they would likely becontrolled by the ARTCC. Some
freqs in your area would be:
Washington Center
Hagerstown ....... 134.15
Westminster....... 118.75

NY Center
Williamsport ..... 124.9
Big Flat ......... 132.2

R. Morris