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Date:         28 Aug 97 02:30:46 
From:         Phil Wood <>
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Michael W. Noel wrote:

> Here is/are my question(s)...


I don't know any sources of the specific information you are looking
for, but ...

- If you know the airline, flight number and destination, try

- If the flights are indeed coming from KPHL, then they are probably
following a documented departure precedure called a SID (Standard
Instrument Departure) that takes them from the airport environment to
the en-route environment.  The air traffic control frequencies along the
SID may change may change depending on work-load, but are usually pretty
consistant.  Get out your phone book and call the Philly FAA number at
the airport.  Explain you're an aviation aficianado and you would like
to listen to the communication on a scanner.  I've never been turned
down although I may get transfered from guy to guy to guy until we get
the one who knows the freqs off the top of his head.

Alternately, someone who flied in the Philly area (or has his Philly
charts handy) might be able to chime in with the correct freqs.

Good luck!

     Phil Wood                        
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