Re: APUs on A340s

Date:         28 Aug 97 02:30:44 
From: (Niels Sampath)
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>Joseph Edward Nemec wrote:
>> I was wondering if someone could answer a question. I have flown on an
>> A340 several times now, and there has always been a problem with
>> something. Once, the reading lights didn't work properly; they would
>> turn on, but not turn off. A second time, none of the toilets worked,
>> and the flight was badly delayed. A third time, I got on the airplane,
>> and all the cabin lights kept going off and on. Some lights that looked
>> like emergency lights came on a few times.
>> What's the deal? Does the A340 have problems with its auxiliary power
>> units? Someone told me they did.

There was some problem with A340/330 APUs ..(I think one or two
have caught fire on the pax aboard)
but I've read they have been or are being replaced (with restricted ops
until replacement).
As someone else said, the `ghost in the machine' you describe
can be extraneous to the APU and more to do with the passenger
amenity systems.  I was recently on an Air Canada 767-300 and
the `fasten seat belt' chime kept going off uncontrolled
at random (`Sorry, nothing we can do, sir') ALL NIGHT LONG
(trans-Atlantic flight).