Re: Dangerous Aircraft lighting

Date:         28 Aug 97 02:30:42 
From:         "Thomas A. Beckley" <>
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> -Although I don't have data, ground collisions are pretty rare.  A
> Korean DC-10 / commuter at ANC, a TW(?) / private plane, the Tenerife
> accident, a ground near-miss NW DC-10 / NW 747 at MSP, and a TW / NW a
> few years ago in the Midwest were all in broad daylight.  The USAir 737
> / Wings West accident at LAX was at night, but in an area not visible
> from the control tower.  Seems to me daylight ground collisions are more
> common.

A few years ago, after the USAir 737 / Wings West collision there was an
article on one of the national news magazines, Dateline, or one of those.
They had a guy who claimed the accident was caused by substandard lighting
on one of the planes, and what is meant by that is that the lights were not
as bright as regulations mandate.  They showed him measuring the brightness
of the marker lights on various aircraft at an airport, and it turns out
that many of the planes, including those of major airlines, had marker
lights that were not as bright as regulations require.

Thomas A. Beckley