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	The AC aircraft did not crash because of premature thrust
reverser deployment. Here's what happend:

	The DC-8-50, comming infrom Calgary, was on final to
Toronto, at about fifty feet the flaps are supposed to be
extended from twenty to thirty two degrees, problem, on the
DC-8-10 -> 50 to lower flaps you must push the handle FORWARDS,
not pull it back like most aircraft. So when the Captain,flying ,
asked for more flaps for touchdown, the F/O pulled the lever back
and RETRACTED THEM. The aircraft stalled at 42', droped like a
rock, hit the runway, ripping off the #4 engine and 15' of the
wing (Thus letting the fuel gush out). The captain, unaware of
the damage to the wing, and the fire, pushed the throttles all
the way up and pulled back off the runway and tried to go around,
about three miles out the fuel caught fire and....Well the rest
is history. Fifty six passengers and seven crew died.
	The accident was caused by flap retraction, not thrust

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