Toilet sucks in child

Date:         13 Jan 97 18:35:31 
From: (Peter Little)
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On 7 Jan 1997, a South African Airways  A320 [Flight SA327] flight
from Johannesburg to Cape Town, the pilot had to decrease altitude in
order for a 9 year old child to be pulled free from the toilet by a
doctor that was on board after it had sucked her in. The child was
later admitted to hospital with external and internal injuries to her
private parts - which required surgery.

This was reported today [8 Jan 1997] in The Natal Witness and on
national television - SABC News.

Two questions arise from this :-

1. How does an unaccompanied minor find herslf in such a position -
especially in Business Class?

2. What was the reason to decrease altitude in order for the passenger
to be freed from the toilet?? Are the toilets at a different pressure
to that of the rest of the cabin?

I would be grateful for any technical explanation of the incident. I
suppose that the moral of the story is never go for a shit on an