Re: Reverse Thrust in Air (was Trident/More Weirdness))

Date:         28 Aug 97 02:30:41 
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On 18 Aug 97 02:22:16 , (GERWOCII) wrote:
> I belive the DC-8 is able to fly it's approach using reverse thrust. As a
> matter of fact ive seen a picture of it.

As an enroute controller at Melbourne Center (Australia) in the
70's, I can vividly remember Alitalia using reverse thrust for
inbound speed control within 150 nm. of the airport. It was
certainly interesting when aircraft which had to rely on speed
brakes for Mach/IAS reduction were following behind the Alitalia
DC8s at minimum longitudinal separation distances!

As I recall, Alitalia were the only DC8 carriers which used
this technique in Australian airsapce; to the best of my
knowledge, Air New Zealand (the other major DC8 operator in the
area) did not.

I also recall that the technique was allegedly responsible for
structural problems with main spars and/or pylons. Could
someone in the know please confirm this.


Cass Alexander


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