DC-9 series 10 and 15

Date:         28 Aug 97 02:30:40 
From:         Jack Raithel <jraithel@netten.net>
Organization: T-Net
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I've seen several questions in regards to the DC-9 and it's various
configurations.  I've been flying the DC-9 for the last 20 years (Hughes
Airwest, Republic and Northwest) and thought I could clear up a couple
of things.

First of all, the -10 and -15 are both considered series 10 aircraft.
Therefore, they have the same fuselage, wings and gross weights.  The
only difference was the "original" powerplants.  On the original
aircraft, the -10 was powered by JT8D-5 engines and the -15 was powered
by either -1's or -7's.  Airwest and Republic had both -10's and
-15F's.  All of our -10 and -15 aircraft had been re-engined with -7
engines.  The F series (freighter) had a large cargo door located on the
left side of the fuselage.

The series 20 aircraft was a -10 fuselage with -30 wings (leading edge
slats) and had -9 powerplants.  I believe someone said it had the -50
series engines (-17 powerplants), but that's not true.  The pylons on
the -10 fuselage couldn't handle that much power.  There were
approximately 20 series 20 aircraft built and all of them were sold to