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Date:         28 Aug 97 02:30:39 
From:         187 <>
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Marc Guimond wrote:
> I was just recently told by uncertain sources that airplanes in the Boeing
> 747-400 family where able to fly inverted.  I would like to know if it is
> truely possible both theoretically and practically for such a massive craft
> to do so.  If you can prove that such a maneuver is indeed possible (or
> though to be possible), or if it has already been done, I would like to
> know.

i THINK, with the current design, it is not possible.  firstly, the
wings are built such that the upper is curved while the lower portion is
flat.  this results in differential pressure exerted whereby upper has
got lower pressure than lower and hence the lift.
secondly, with the hump at the top, ie the upper deck, it is difficult
to fly inverted at the current design.
also, i do not think it possible to fly the plane inverted with engines
at the top, rather than at the bottom.  btw, anyone thinks that it is
still possible to fly upright with the engines at the top instead of
below the wings?