Cathay to re-engine all 747-400's in fleet

Date:         28 Aug 97 02:30:38 
From:         "matt weber" <>
Organization: Customer of Access One Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia
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Flight International reports in the current edition that Cathay Pacific
will update  all 21 747-400's to the updated RR RB211-524 G/H-T, this is
Trent 700 hybrid. The updated engine is reported as having a 2% SFC
advantage, and larger TGT margins as well as being 365kg (about 800 pounds)
lighter.  In addition Cathay apparently has 8 spare engines that will also
be upgraded.

It has been no secret for some time that many airlines have been unhappy
with fuel economy and reliability of the RB211-524G/H engine.

"The existing engine has not retained performance as much as we would have
liked" said Derek Cridland, Deputy Engineering Director at Cathay.

The hybrid is an RB211-524G/H engine with a Trent 700 high pressure
turbine, Combustor and compressor. These parts can apparently be fitted to
the existing 524G/H engines during major overhaul. While it was reported
that Cathay will be re-engining the entire fleet, the article makes it
clear that the new components will simply be fitted to the existing

Neither RR or Cathay are willing to talk about how much money is involved
in the deal.