Re: differents in DC10-30 and -40

Date:         28 Aug 97 02:30:38 
From:         peter neville gurnell <>
Organization: Canada Internet Direct, Inc.
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> There is a photo of a National DC-10-30 at LAX without the center gear
> extended in the new book "Airliners at LAX".  LAX is also hot, but not
> high, so National must have had some sort of policy about the center
> gear

(or a National crew liked to do it sometimes!).

I just spent the last five years as an oiler on the 10-30 and I believe
that our SOP's were pretty close to what the Douglas Legal dept.
requires.  I know the Normal checklists are a bit home grown but the
Non-Normals are straight Douglas (still evolving).  The only time that
we were called to isolate the centre gear was on a two-inop approach OR
(I think) when there was a maingear problem which would result in a gear
& pod landing.   Memory is a bit fuzzy as I have had a memory dump on
most of that stuff since moving back to a pilots aircraft from an
engineers aircraft.  We did have a max landing weight with the centre
gear up (I forget, no probably never knew, what it was) but it doesn't
make too much sense to put the increased load on the main gear tires as
the centre gear does take quite a bit of the load.  We couldn't put
chocks on it while loading or fueling as it "walks" as the airframe gets

Just adding to the confusion,