Misconceived Mammoth

Date:         13 Jan 97 18:35:30 
From:         ostreger@aol.com (Ostreger)
Organization: AOL, http://www.aol.co.uk
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Why is the A3XX Omnibus not a V-tail mid-winger?
This configuration, which is entirely feasible on a fly-by-wire mammoth,
minimises both profile and interference drag, with enormous benefits all
round - except to Boeing.   So why isn't it being employed in this
clean-sheet-of-paper design?
I suspect the accountants believe it can be good enough as a low-winger,
without risking passenger rejection of the unfamiliar configuration.   For
this they're willing to waste precious fossil fuels - each mid-winger
would burn 10,000 tons less each year, saving appreciable contamination of
the stratosphere - and cost our industry, and the travelling public,
untold billions.
We'd be travelling in sailing ships if they'd had this much power earlier.