Re: Fed Ex MD-11 crash was mechanical

Date:         27 Aug 97 20:47:05 
From:         Graeme Cant <>
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Peter Mchugh wrote:
> >Current published reports in Aviation Week report that the decent rate
> >was 500fpm, and the initial landing impact was 1.7G, the aircraft bounced,
> >and the second impact was at 1.69G. Sounds to me like a very hard landing.
> 500 fpm is a hard landing?????????????

No Peter, 1.7G is a hard landing.

500fpm is a normal to low descent rate for approach but a number of
pilots like to attempt to break that rate down just before the aeroplane
touches.  It's a technique called 'flaring' and it's very popular with
passengers and pilots because of the smooth results - although achieving
it consistently can be a bit tricky.

Maintaining 500fpm (8.3 ft/sec) to touchdown is not widely practised
because it's getting up near the design limit and after a few landings
at that vertical rate the gear struts start to protrude through the
upper wing surface and spoil the aerodynamics.

Graeme Cant