ATR crash at florence, Italy

Date:         27 Aug 97 03:57:56 
From:         Cyril LUTRAN <101353.3264@CompuServe.COM>
Organization: CompuServe, Inc. (1-800-689-0736)
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An Air Littoral (a french, Montpellier-based, regional company)
ATR 42-500 overran the runway of LIRQ Florence, Italy airfield,
last 01AUG, with 8 people slightly injured and the captain
severly injured at the head.

He died a week later, at Marseilles' hospital, France.

There were two training captains in the cockpit, the LH pilot was
PIC, PF and tested by the RH pilot, company examinor.

Good weather, wind velocity below 5 knots, the runway 23 was in
use (1600m length). Because they were training, they elected to
land on runway 05. The circle-to-land manoeuvre is difficult due
to the mountain vicinity and also because there is a displaced
threshold on RWY 05, with a shorter usable length of 1000m.

Perhaps they approached too high and fast on the final leg. They
touched down at almost 300m away from the threshold and,
according to the passengers' testimony, there was almost no
breaking action.

The aircraft overran the runway, has been stopped by a ditch
alongside a high density traffic motorway. No car collided.

Passengers and stewardess were rapidly evacuated by the rear