Re: Why Russians airlines usually make no-ILS approach/landings?

Date:         27 Aug 97 03:57:55 
From:         Bill Wright <>
Organization: ESInet - Charlottesville, VA
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Marcus Westermark wrote:

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> Being a newcomer to this group, must I strongly disapprove such
> underestimation's and stereotyping of Russian pilots and aviation!

Me too! (or any other group)

I believe that all airlines and large pilot groups develop a "style" of
flying and flying "culture" that all new pilots start to learn and
accept from their first day on the job with the group.  After many years
of acculturation it is very hard to change these old habits and adapt to
new routes, styles and flying conditions.

There were many unexplained and misunderstood operational problems in
the cockpits of United Airlines in the late 1980's which I think were
due primarily to the fact that UAL had brought on board a group of PAA
pilots along with the purchase of the PAA Pacific routes.  When the two
pilot lists were merged and UAL's domestic and its new "international"
routes started to be crewed by pilots without long backgrounds in that
type of flying, several serious incidents occured which seemed
"inexplicable" to piulots from the other group.  Each group seemed to
believe that all pilots should fit into their own little niche of flying

Bill Wright