Re: Fracturing the Pacific

Date:         27 Aug 97 03:57:55 
From:         jf mezei <"[non-spam]jfmezei">
Organization: VTL
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Thomas Holland wrote:
> If you mean Condor, the german charter carrier, then no, CYRB is not
> on our list of authorized airports. And I don't think that you can
> land a large Airliner on a gravel strip without significant damage
> (especially to the engines).

When I was at YRB, the owner of one of the hotels told me that they one
had a 747 land there because of problems. (Big business for both hotels
at YRB - they are equipped to handle a fair amount of folks because of
visits by military troups jnow and then).

Remember that YRB's runways are dust-free most of the year due to that
white stuff. Also, they do have a fairly large concrete slab area where
the planes start their engines and warm them up.

Also, I am not sure if this is "documented in the rules", but due to the
rather low temperatures at Resolute Bay, I suspect that runway length
requirements would be much lesser than for an airport where temps do get
pretty hot in the summer.