Arctic diversion points (was Re: Fracturing the Pacific)

Date:         27 Aug 97 03:57:54 
From:         Chris Elberfeld <>
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> Regarding my comment about Sondre Stromfjord being the only alternate
> in Greenland, while editing I inadvertantly dropped an important
> qualifier, namely, that I was looking at material related to flying
> the North Atlantic between Europe and North America.  Thule seems to
> be a fine alternate, but it's much too far north to be of interest
> for the routes I was writing about.

Does anyone in the NG have info about how often SFJ or other arctic
diversion points have seen ETOPS, or medical emergency diversions?

Last year, the diversion of a Virgin 747-400 to YFB (Iqauluit (sp),
formerly Frobisher Bay) received a fair bit of press attention.
The flight landed there a due to medical emergency, but got stuck there
after a taxiing mishap (I guess the a/c marshaller wasn't used to a
747-400). The passengers were put up in the high school gym, as I
recall, and were there for about 24 hrs until another aircraft was
brought in. Most of them took it quite well; they got to see a scenic,
remote part of the world, and it was spring. I wonder how happy they
would have been had the incident taken place in winter.

Churchill, Manitoba has received ETOPS diversions by SAS and United