Re: differing MGTOW for same model aircraft operated by different airlines?

Date:         27 Aug 97 03:57:53 
From:         David Summergreene <>
Organization: Summergreene Enterprises
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In article  <airliners.1997.1786@ohare.Chicago.COM> John Kohl wrote:
> In article <airliners.1997.559@ohare.Chicago.COM>
> kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz) writes:
> [ a variety of statistics regarding different MGTOWs for different
> carriers' delivered B757s]
> What differs between the aircraft ordered by the different carriers that
> affects the MGTOW, i.e. why do they not all have the same MGTOW for the
> same variant of the same model aircraft?  Is it just a reflection of the
> different cabin appointments, or are there other
> structural/mechanical/fuel tank/something else differences?

Another reason not mentioned is landing fees.

I work for QANTAS as a second officer on the 767 and we have two
different MTOW's for the same type of aircraft - B767-338. The reason is
because it cost a lot more to land a aircraft with a MTOW 185t compared
to 172t. So QANTAS decided that all our 767-338's didn't need the 185
tonne MTOW, so out of our 19 767-338 only three have the 185tonne MTOW,
the other 16 have the 172t limit.