Re: differing MGTOW for same model aircraft operated by different airlines?

Date:         27 Aug 97 03:57:53 
From:         Thomas Holland <>
Organization: I'm not organized at all!
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Karl Swartz wrote:
> [...]
> In some cases, the difference may be nothing more than what the
> manufacturer charges.  A higher MGTOW aircraft is more capable, so
> the manufacturer can charge more.

Another important point are landing fees. At Condor, where I work, we
have two types of B757s, one with a MTOW of 113.4t and one with a MTOW
of 103.9t. However going to some short-distance countrys we reduce the
MTOW to 99.9t to save on landing fees. (On the B767 we reduce to 145.6
for the same reason)

To go to the reduced MTOW and back we have to perform some special
procedure -approved by Boeing-, which involves turning a dial in the
Cockpit and writing down the MTOW on the loadsheet. Stupid, but if
that's what the bureaucrats want...

BTW as far as I know there are no structural or software differences
between our light and heavy B757s, just minor details like a second
crossfeed valve (for ETOPS).


Thomas Holland,