Re: SAS ditching near LAX

Date:         07 Jan 97 07:20:21 
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>>In the 1960s JAL ditched a DC-8 successfully in the bay south of San

>This airplane was purchased by United and I was told that I was aboard it
>when I flew on a DC-8 from DEN to BOS in 1987.  The F/A's called it Tokyo

Don't believe everything you hear.  I've been on many United DC-10s
with had some peculiarity, which prompted the FAs to claim it was one
of the five ex-Delta planes.  It never was.  The times when I really
have been on one of the ex-Delta DC-10s, they've been undistinguished
from any other United DC-10, and nobody knew their true history.

In the case of the plane you were on, by 1987, the only DC-8s United
was still flying were the DC-8-71s.  One (N8177U) was acquired from
JAL in 1977, at which time it was still a DC-8-61.  JAL had initially
leased the plane (JA8057) from Eastern in 1970, and purchased it in

I don't know the identity of the aircraft which ditched, nor do I know
the exact date of the event, but if it did happen in the 1960s, it was
not the plane which went on to United, and since all of United's other
DC-8-71s were acquired new from Douglas, the one you were on could not
have been the one which JAL ditched.

BTW, in 1988, I was on a United DC-8-71 that was somewhat strange,
with an extra door on the left side at the back of First Class as I
recall.  My log lists it as N8077U, but at the time I was unaware of
N8177U.  Since I learned about the ex-JAL plane, I've always wondered
if that was actually the plane I was on.  Do any United old-timers
know this plane, and know if it had a different door configuration
from United's other DC-8-71s?

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