Re: $%#% news media! (UA 737 engine failure in Portland, Or)

Date:         20 Aug 97 02:38:35 
Organization: AOL
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>As a one-time $%#% of the media I can tell you that the spokesperson
>for the airline/airport/railroad/power plant, or whatever, quite
>often gives out the misinformation. And you'd wonder sometimes if
>the media spokesperson knows what a plane looks like.

You have got to admit that the media in recent years has missrepresented
the airline industry. You get this unfair image of reckless pilots
screaming around they sky risking the lives of their passangers. When the
truth of the matter is the airlines in the United States are probally the
most regulated industry sans nulear power in the world. Let me tell you
why I belive this representation is unfair. The aviation ingorant segment
of the population relies on news media for their information reguarding
the state of  comercial and recreational aviation. When they are
missinformed by their own deeds or someone elses that missinformation
becomes in many peoples minds fact. It is not my intention to discredit
the media. They are under the same preasure we all are every day to
preform. You have to get the story before the other guy right? There is
this belief that the public wants the awnsers right away. I do not think
this is true. There is still money to be made and places people need to
get to in a hurry. People will fly no matter what what awnsers are
presented to them. So mabey I am worried about nothing.

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