Re: PW JT8D-9A versus -15

Date:         20 Aug 97 02:38:35 
From:         Chris Elberfeld <>
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Kevin J. Walls wrote:
> I am having great difficulty convincing my airline that there is nothing
> wrong with the PW JT8D-9A on a B737-200.
> The airline wants only PW JT8D-15's on their B737-200s.
> Can anyone explain the main differences and help me "sell" the 9A as a good
> workhorse.

I'm no expert, but my experience (a while ago)in working load control
(weight and balance) tells me that if your line wants to run full planes
on a hot day, it should go with the -15 engines. The carrier that I
work for has both types, and it's not unusual to leave mail and freight
behind when the pax and bag load is heavy, even on two hour flights,
with -9 aircraft.
Sometimes they'll take off with a full load and make a planned fuel
stop. That's a nice way to make the plane at least 45 minutes late, and
it doesn't look very professional.

I remember the first day I wokred load control on the 737-200 (I was
used to -300's). Ninety minutes flying time, about 70 pax, some mail,
and freight. A few thousand pounds to spare, no problem. Except no
one told me when the prior flight to the same destination cancelled
and the passnger load was suddenly to capacity. After my surprise when
the gate agent called the count in, I ran the numbers and here comes a
bigger surprise. Off comes the mail, freight, and six nonrev. The delay
was only about 25 minutes or so.

Then again, maybe you should convince your company of the merits of
the "lead sled". Then maybe they will buy ours. :-)