Re: PW JT8D-9A versus -15

Date:         20 Aug 97 02:38:35 
From:         Chris Dahler <>
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Kevin J. Walls wrote:
> I am having great difficulty convincing my airline that there is nothing
> wrong with the PW JT8D-9A on a B737-200.
> The airline wants only PW JT8D-15's on their B737-200s.
> Can anyone explain the main differences and help me "sell" the 9A as a good
> workhorse.

Why do you want -9A's so bad?  It may be a good engine, but it doesn't
provide the increased performance the -15 does.  If your company is in
the charter business, the more power the better.  Airlines with well
established route structures can live with lower powered engines (such
as -7's or -9's on 727's and 737's) because there is a known quantity of
routes on their system that these aircraft will always be able to
operate on without having payload restrictions.  It sounds like your
airline is in the process of purchasing older 737's, and that probably
means the airline is either a startup scheduled service carrier or a
charter airline.  Both of these types of airlines need aircraft with as
much flexibility as possible because

1.  the scheduled startup has few routes and so cannot be picky about
which routes their lower-powered aircraft serve; and

2.  the charter airline needs to be able to operate virtually anywhere
and cannot afford to impose payload restrictions as most tour operators
want to pack as many people into the aircraft as possible.

In either case, the higher performance aircraft is a far better option;
the lower your performance, the more restrictive your operation is
forced to be, and that doesn't spell profits for smaller airlines.  If
your airline is a larger airline which is thinking of getting rid of all
their -9A powered 737's or is thinking about re-engining the -9's to
-15's, there is nothing wrong with either idea.  A higher performance
aircraft simply has more flexibility, and that will translate into
higher profits.

Chris Dahler