Re: PW JT8D-9A versus -15

Date:         20 Aug 97 02:38:35 
From:         "elysium" <>
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 Kevin J. Walls wrote in article ...

>I am having great difficulty convincing my airline that there is nothing
>wrong with the PW JT8D-9A on a B737-200.
>The airline wants only PW JT8D-15's on their B737-200s.
>Can anyone explain the main differences and help me "sell" the 9A as a good

Can only imagine they need the extra 1000lb thrust for operational reasons,
i.e. weight and temperature WAT limits. Operating hot and high?

Have worked both motors ----- each is bulletproof.

The A ( 9A ) signifies reduced "smoke" combustors & plasma coated NGV's.

The -15 is approx 100lbs heavier, and gains it's thrust advantage by way
of a revised inlet case, 1 & 2 fan and stator re-design, and basically
hurling a bit more gas through a hotter back end aerodynamically enhanced
turbine section.

I believe the trade off is probably lower disc times on the -15, which
would have to be provisioned for coupled with costlier component prices.

There are a lot more spare -9's floating about, so they are easier &
cheaper to procure come the hallowed day you finally blow one.

I haven't the specifics at hand, but if you require some numbers crunched
and operational specifics e-mail me and I'll do some homework.

P.S. It's the airframe that needs changing, not the donkeys ---- Fly Douglas
! ; )

" Slow to erect, quick to topple -- A maverick gimbal ".