Re[2]: Fed Ex MD-11 crash was mechanical

Date:         20 Aug 97 02:38:34 
From: (Joel S Cole)
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Nite Rider,

	I would like to respond to your email stating the MD11
experienced a wheel failure and ask a couple of questions.

  [1] Who are you?  What is your source?
   	Several rumors have surfaced about this incident, and most,
like your email, has the wrong facts.  The data quoted in your email does
NOT agree with that in the latest Aviation Week.

  [2] When you say the crash was due to a failure of the "wheel
assembly", do you mean Wheel Assy or Tire Assy?
	After inspecting the failed landing gear parts, I tend to believe
your version; especially when #4 Tire had above average landing cycles on
its carcass.
	However it must be pointed out that FedEx never experienced a
Wheel failure on a DC10 or MD11.  We've had Tire and also Bearing
failures with little, if any, secondary effect.  I recall the DC10 that
lost the
entire Nose wheel on takeoff from England and landed in MEM with no

  [3] Even if there was a "Wheel failure", why would this result in a
Gear collapse at an approach of 460 fpm and 1.2 g's?

	Either your numbers on the approach is incorrect (again, refer to
AV Week) or you have underestimated the strength of the landing gear
design.  My guess is maybe a tire blew on the first touch down and there
was no gear failure.  (Think of it; why would the aircraft bounce if the
gear broke?)  The troubles occurred at the second touch-down: higher g,
right roll.  But then the right wing drop could only be attributed to
pilot input.  Coming down on only ONE strut, the one that has a flat
tire, maybe could cause the strut to fail.

				STeve Cole~