Re: Why Russians airlines usually make no-ILS approach/landings?

Date:         20 Aug 97 02:38:33 
From: (ZineGreen)
Organization: AOL
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In response to the guy from Alaska who posted about Aeroflot pilots not
speaking English:

First, Aeroflot does not, nor have they ever, operated Boeing 747s.
Secondly, regarding tire-tracks on the localizer antenna: the localizer
antenna is located at the OPPOSITE end of the landing runway, thus a
landing airplane does not overfly it.  (Not to mention: how exactly do you
leave tire-tracks on an antenna, regardless of where it is?)

There is some merit to the language problem, but it is ridiculous to say
they clear the taxiways when Aeroflot flights arrives.  This is nonsense -
I've been in the traffic mix many many times with Aeroflot flights into
JFK and ORD.  (I've even flown on Aeroflot.)  The language problem has as
much to do with ATC controllers with attitudes as much as it does foreign
pilots who don't speak good English.  They fly into our country, and we
fly into theirs: let's be realistic about communicating.  Controllers
often rattle of instructions so fast even I can't understand them.  What
do they expect?  Let's treat the foreign carriers with a little respect.