Re: Fed Ex MD-11 crash was mechanical

Date:         19 Aug 97 04:14:07 
From:         "matt weber" <>
Organization: Customer of Access One Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia
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nite rider <> wrote in article
> Reliable "Purple" sources have indicated that the crash of Fed Ex 14, an
> MD-11 landing at Newark, NJ, was due to mechanical failure of a wheel
> assembly due to internal defects. After failing internally, the wheel
> assembly caused a chain reaction of failures, first of the associated
> strut, which in turn caused a loss of control of the aircraft.
> The crew flew a stabilized approach to landing with a sink rate of
> approximately 460 fpm, with a landing impact of about 1.2 g.
> These findings apparently will absolve the crew of responsibility in the
> crash.

Current published reports in Aviation Week report that the decent rate
was 500fpm, and the initial landing impact was 1.7G, the aircraft bounced,
and the second impact was at 1.69G. Sounds to me like a very hard landing.
The wheel assembly may well have failed, but this was a very hard landing.