Korean Air and Guam

Date:         18 Aug 97 02:22:19 
From:         kesha@mozart.inet.co.th (Research Department)
Organization: Internet Thailand, Bangkok
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I flew in and out of Guam for a local airline there back in the 1980's three
times a day.  We flew the Guam - Rota - Tinian - Saipan route.  However, all
of our final flights were back into Guam at night.

When the weather was clear it was a beautiful place to fly to. However, when a
tropical storm was in the area or typical tropical showers it was a mess.

Even then, the ILS glideslope hardly ever worked right.  Many times it was
strickly a VOR approach or ILS with the extra DH for a missing Glide Slope out
of service.

Maybe now the FAA I am sure have rushed all the extra equipment and personnel
into Guam to install the right equipment for the glide Slope.  I am sure that
because Guam does not have the excessive traffic the FAA could not really
justify sending the equipment before down there.  It is a ashame that it took
so many lives to get the damn thing fixed.  Can you imagine the public outrage
 it the flight had been a US carrier that crashed and the FAA through a
Congressional sub-committee were found that they negelected this problem for

All of that money in the Aviation Trust Fund that was collected from US
citizens on their airline tickets was sent to balance the national debt, not
go into aviation airport and equipment improvements.  Another example of the
US government legislation one thing and then sending the money to another