Re: O'Hare Accident

Date:         18 Aug 97 02:22:17 
From:         k_ish <>
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Larry Stone wrote:


>  Recovering from normal
> stalls is part of basic flight training and I dare say every airplane
> pilot has done plenty of stall recoveries in the simulator.

Totally true.

> As long as you
> keep the wings level, you can "fly" a plane all day in a stall with very
> little risk.

Stalling both wings has nothing to do with wings level; in fact it is
easier to stall in a bank.  It is called an accelerated stall.  Just put
the aircraft into a steep bank (say, 60 degrees) and pull back on the
yoke to tighten up the turn.  Both wings will stall.

An aircraft with both wings stalled is *not* flying, at least no more
than a Steinway or a rock!

A stall is very little risk...until terra firma interferes with your
stall recovery plans.  Recovery from any type of stall at the altitude
the ORD incident occurred at would be challenging in a Cessna 150, not
to mention a DC-10.

Ken Ishiguro