Re: De-icing airplane wings

Date:         18 Aug 97 02:22:15 
Organization: AOL
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>> Could someone tell me who is responsible for the de-icing of wings?
>> Does each individual airline have it's own crew for that?  I'm looking
>> for either the names of some of the manufacturers of the trucks or the
>> companies which supply the service.

Every airline has its own procedures and rules. Although you wont see too
much of a difference in those procedures. The PIC has the final authority
as to the decision to shoot the aircraft. The ground crew is responsable
for the actual spraying of the aircraft. In some citys and airlines it is
the mechanics that deice, some places it is the baggage handlers that are
responsable. This is all dependant on the airline and the size of the
station. Every year everyone is trained. As a matter of fact it's almost
that time. Some of the more common deicers are TRUMP and SIMON. Couldnt
tell you  who make them though.

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