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Date:         18 Aug 97 02:22:15 
From:         Antoin Daltun <>
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At 01:57 17/08/97, you wrote:
>In article <airliners.1997.559@ohare.Chicago.COM> kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz) writes:
>[ a variety of statistics regarding different MGTOWs for different
>carriers' delivered B757s]
>What differs between the aircraft ordered by the different carriers that
>affects the MGTOW, i.e. why do they not all have the same MGTOW for the
>same variant of the same model aircraft?  Is it just a reflection of the
>different cabin appointments, or are there other
>structural/mechanical/fuel tank/something else differences?

Some possible reasons for MTOGW variations:

Airport charges and air navigation charges are based on the filed MTOGW of
aircraft, so if an airline does not need the full weight available from the
type for its own operations, it may file reduced weights.  Sometimes, a
manufacturer will give a price concession for an airline which takes a
reduced weight (on the basis that if the airline needs the higher weight
later it will pay for it), but only if it feels that it will not otherwise
sell the aircraft.

If an airline has a special need, it may be able to secure a slightly
higher MTOGW at the expense of some other limitation.

As time goes on, there is a tendency for the available MTOGW on new
production aircraft to increase, as more potential customers have more
difficult requirements, or as increased engine thrust becomes available.
This may or may not apply to units already in service and may or may not
involve a change in the designation.


Antoin Daltun