Re: DC9-15 (was Re: Northwest A319 will replace what ?)

Date:         18 Aug 97 02:22:15 
From:         Marc Schaeffer <>
Organization: None
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k_ish wrote:
> In the MD-8X, and MD-9X, the number seems to correspond to the year of
> introduction.  Anyone know for sure??

Don't know for sure but this fits. Should be more than a coincidence.

> And if the MD series survives the
> Boeing buyout, will they have a "year 2000" problem?  :-)

You start with a big *IF* : If the MD series survives the Boeing buyout.
Personally I believe that only the ordered planes will be built, then at
least the MD90 series will be buried. The future of the MD95 series
seems very dark to me. With only VJ and perhaps Debonair these days (for
15 a/c), the backlog will be zero by the end of 99. The MD11 series
should survive for some years as cargo a/c.

So if the answer to the big *IF* is yes, they can call any new or
upgraded variant :
MD 00
MD 100
or simply Boeing 787

Just my $.02
Marc Schaeffer, Luxembourg //
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